Honey Treatment For Acne

Honey Treatment For Acne

Honey is a generally known home treatment for cuts, wounds, blazes and acne. It has hostile to bacterial, and mitigating properties that wipe out microscopic organisms, mitigates irritations. Honey could be spread on straightforwardly on the face to treat acne, however there is a humiliation. As honey is sticky and never goes away on the face, it will trickle off everywhere throughout the body, making a pandemonium. Numerous may not like the chaos, yet can utilize honey with other common acne items in different ways. One can discover those courses here and pick and pick the way that works best for him.

1.honey with water:

Drinking honey with warm water will evacuate your body poisons. Water helps in renewing your skin tissues and keeping your body hydrated.

2.honey with lemon:

Consistently drink a glass of lemonade ready with new lemon. Include honey rather than sugar. The vitamin c rich lemon with its citric corrosive will murder some microscopic organisms other than keeping your skin sound. Blend honey and crisp lemon squeeze in equivalent amount and apply the mixon your face. Abandon it for 20 minutes then wash with water.the lemon uproots dead skin cells and earth from the skin surface.

3.honey with Aspirin:

Honey blended with powdered headache medicine could be connected all over for something like 20 minutes. The salicylic corrosive present in ibuprofen murder acne bringing about microorganisms.

4.honey with cinnamon:

Take a spoon of cinnamon powder and blend with honey. Apply all over, and abandon it overnight. Cinnamon’s against microbial properties joined with honey will do ponders for anybody.

5.honey with nutmeg:

Blend Nutmeg powder and honey to make a glue, and apply it all over. Abandon it overnight for better come about. Nutmeg with honey serves to uproot your scars and dispose of acne from your face.

6.honey with band-help:

Throughout evening time, one ought to apply some crude honey on pimples and spread it with a band-help. Morning when you are getting up, uproot the band-support and wash your face with water. The band-help will help to hold the honey on pimples.

7.honey with fruit:

Pounded fruit blended with honey could be connected on the face and washed after

some time with frosty water. Fruit holds Malic corrosive plus vitamins and minerals. This alpha hydroxy corrosive evacuates dead skin cells and earth from the skin surface.

8.honey and strawberries:

Blend strawberry with honey making it a glue and apply the glue on the face and following 20 minutes wash your face.


1.one need to utilize an unique honey for best acne treatment. For great comes about one may utilize crude honey, which is unmanageable, yet worth the expense. At the point when one buy the honey, search for the expression “Raw”and not the statement “Unadulterated”. Basically prepared honey accompanies the mark as “immaculate” which have lost its decency in high hotness while transforming.

2.test in the event that one is unfavorably susceptible or delicate to honey by applying on a little region on the face before utilizing it on full face.